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POOL OPEN - MAY 25, 2024

Enjoy the Summer


Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend every year

POOL HOURS:  6am - 8pm

OPEN:  7 days a week


Peppertree Pool is a “SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK” pool.

Peppertree Homeowners Association is not liable for injuries

sustained on Peppertree property; nor is it responsible for

lost or stolen items.


The Peppertree Pool and Clubhouse Property



 1.  Large Junior Olympic size L-shaped pool

 2.  Foot shallow end                 3.  2 foot deep end

4.  Volleyball Net                     5.  Lounge chairs

6.  Umbrella tables                7. Refrigerator 

8.  Men & Women’s restrooms with showers and changing areas

9.  Electronic Keycard required for entrance


     An electronic keycard is required for entrance.  The keycard that has been issued to you will remain your keycard for as long as you live in Peppertree.  Be sure you don’t lose it or misplace it – it’s $35.00 to replace.  Each year when the pool opens, your keycard will be re-activated and ready to use on opening day if your HOA Dues are paid in full.  If your HOA Dues are not paid in full, your keycard will be deactivated until such time as your account is caught up.

     If you have never claimed your keycard, or if you recently moved into Peppertree and we have not yet issued one to you, or if you lost your keycard, please SENT on email to

    Peppertree  Remember, keep track of your keycard – it’s $35 to replace.


We have a limited number of memberships available each year, and sign up is first come-first served.  We will post information by the end of April with all the details about our available outside memberships.


DO NOT loan out your keycard to anyone. The homeowner or outside pool member named on the keycard is responsible for ALL ACTIONS, whether authorized or unauthorized, (including your family & visitors) in relation to entry gained through access with the device. Report your lost or stolen keycard IMMEDIATELY! Our Security Systems log and videotape all transactions made with this electronic device. The Pool Committee may periodically compare keycard swipes with who shows up on camera accessing the pool. Your keycard will be deactivated if you do not follow pool rules or if you allow others to use your keycard. Your keycard is your pool access pass as long as you live in Peppertree or during your outside pool membership. Property owners keep their cards until they move out of Peppertree. Your keycard must be returned when you sell your property or move out of Peppertree. Outside pool members must return each keycard at the end of each pool season.

For more information, contact us:

(864) 660-9745

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